Take a virtual tour into 环球电竞选手电脑版 and see how we bring quality service as a logistics company that  is f ocused on the core values of Service, Teamwork, Integrity and Respect. Check back often, as we will continue to build our video library.

Message from President Steve Harmon in Houston, Texas

"Helping people and serving our customers is what we do."

环球电竞选手电脑版' Corporate Video 2021

Spartan's Corporate video takes you on a tour of our various warehouses. This is a visual description of how we do business and the core values by which we operate. Video Credit: Warman Productions


Spartan's Distribution of Masks from President, Steve Harmon

Spartan's weekly video message from President, Steve Harmon on why, how, and when to wear a mask.

Spartan's Mission from President, Steve Harmon

In times of stress, we should all turn to our core mission and values so that we focus on what is most important.

A Message of Hope and Inspiration from President, Steve Harmon

"Above all, remember, do not let the unknown control you. You have the power to control how you react despite the news or social media."




Message From 环球电竞选手电脑版 President, Steve Harmon Regarding Covid-19

We have a unique oppotunity to serve our customers and take care of our employees during the Coronoavirus pandemic.

环球电竞选手电脑版 President, Steve Harmon Podcast

Steve Harmon, President and Co-Founder of 环球电竞选手电脑版 shares his story about how he joined his family business. 环球电竞选手电脑版 was founded in 1988 in Columbus, Ohio as a warehouse and distribution provider to service the growing industrial base and logistically take advantage of Ohio’s centralized location. Even after 25 years with the company, Stev e is still dedicated to making 环球电竞选手电脑版 the best it can be.


环球电竞选手电脑版 Releases  New Corporate Video

August 26, 2019 - 环球电竞选手电脑版 has announced the recent completion of the new corporate video. Produced by Warman Productions, this High Definition three-minute video takes you on a virtual tour of Spartan locations and how we operate as a 3PL company.


2019 CEO Road Show

June 28, 2019 - This Summer, Spartan CEO decided to take two weeks of from his routine job and spend time with everyone at each Spartan Location. The idea was to engage the entire team about what a great place Spartan is to work at. Steve spent 12 days on the road to visit and get face time with all of the Spartan team members.

CEO Road show Screen Shot

New Warehouse Construction in Rockford, OH

 December 19, 2018 - We want to share drone video footage of a new warehouse construction project for Fremont Canning Company in Rockford, OH. Our affiliates, Logan Creek Construction and NAI Harmon Group were instrumental in helping us to guide this project to completion.


环球电竞选手电脑版 Supports Logistics Engineering Technology (LET) at Columbus State Community College

August 31, 2018 -  环球电竞选手电脑版' newest Manager, Andrew Straus and President Steve Harmon are prominently featured in the Columbus State Community College -  Logistics, Engineering and Technology video. We love to hire smart, hard-working people who fit our core values. 



  环球电竞选手电脑版 Inducted into the Central Ohio Family Business Hall of Fame

May 4, 2018 - The Conway Center for Family Business celebrated their 20th Anniversary at the Columbus Hilton Easton. To commemorate this milestone, they inducted 20 outstanding family-owned businesses into the first-ever, Central Ohio Family Business Hall of Fame. 环球电竞选手电脑版 President, Steve Harmon, accepted the award on behalf of 环球电竞选手电脑版. Read the press release.

View the video that was presented at the Anniversary event.



    环球电竞选手电脑版 2016 Christmas Video 

December 2016 - 环球电竞选手电脑版 has sent traditional Christmas cards to its customers and partners in previous years. In 2016, there were many good reasons for sending out an e-card Christmas message instead.

Delivering a personal message shows we really care about the environment and each recipient. But, score one point for real paper cards; they can be set ablaze and provide life saving heat in an emergency.  Enjoy our Christmas video below.



  环球电竞选手电脑版 Mannequin Challenge in Columbus, OH

November 22, 2016 - 环球电竞选手电脑版, a warehousing and transportation firm headquartered in Columbus, OH, filmed an on-site mannequin challenge to support our sales and marketing efforts on social media. Shooting a video in the middle of the office can be pretty tricky, so we chose to move to one of our warehouses where all the action happens- showcasing some of our structured service offerings.  Follow the link below and turn up the volume.


  Learn about Spartan's Warehouse Management System 

August 28, 2008 - Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a custom designed third party logistics software. Our specialized technology partners, Camelot Consulting, work with us on a near-daily basis to make sure our WMS has the most current features  to be the perfect fit for any of our customers.

Learn more about our WMS from our partners at Camelot Consulting in the video below:


Spartan Opening in Old Worldpool Building in Fort Smith, AR

October 29, 2013 - According to a local news station...The Old Whirlpool distribution building is getting a new tenant - Spartan Logistics, will be bringing jobs back to the area, providing warehouse and distribution services for Owens Corning.



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