At 环球电竞选手电脑版, we know that any given customer has very specific needs for their warehouse space. We also know that our existing facilities might not always meet the needs of every customer that comes to us for service. This is why we offer a customized “build-to-suit” opportunity for our clients. Spartan aids in selecting or partnering to strategically place a warehouse location that is optimal for distribution.

Our affiliate company, Logan Creek Construction, a design and build national scope construction firm has the experience to handle custom warehouse projects. This allows our customers to have the perfect distribution center that is tailored to meet their needs. A few examples of the work done by our affiliates include:

Toledo, OH- 100,000 Sq. Ft. 

Toledo Jeep Site-1.png Jeep Plant.jpg

Orange County, NY - 200,000 Sq. Ft.

DSC_3189.jpg f6969b19dd0ca8070b93d9322f9a34ef_-united-states-new-york-775101-fresenius-medical-carehtm

Albuquerque, NM - 100,000 Sq. Ft.

  NM exteriorfrnt.bmp NM Interior-1.bmp

 Rock Hill, SC - 122,000 Sq. Ft.

12-19-08 Rock Hill 028.jpg ConfRoom.jpg

  Orlando, FL - 122,000 Sq. Ft.

Spartan Orlando FL New Build.jpg P1060191.jpg

Birmingham, AL - 122,000 Sq. Ft.

Alabaster 12-09 front view.jpg Alabaster 12-09 interior view.jpg

Harrisburg, PA 122,000 Sq. Ft.

FMC Lebanon 003.jpg FMC Lebanon 037.jpg

Kenosha, WI - 88,000 Sq. Ft.

Kenosha WI New Build.jpg Picture 015.jpg

Little Rock, AR - 100,000 Sq. Ft.


DSC03081.jpg DSC03062.jpg

Dallas, TX - 500,000 Sq. Ft.

Dallax TX New Build Warehouse.jpg Dallas TX New Build Front Office.png

Check out Logan Creek to Learn More

Click on the Logan Creek Construction logo to learn more about the construction services they offer.


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